Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Roro


Make a copy, rename and start your writing on your copy.

Click on the URL below and watch the short clip.

 Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 8.46.48 AM.png

Before you start writing Watch up till 1.15, think about what has happened? What has caused this? Why?

WALT write a descriptive piece of writing through the eyes of the boy.

Success Criteria
We need to focus on these things
  • Full stops, capital letters,
  • Paragraphs
  • We need to follow the sentence tools for our opening paragraphs.
To start with you will write a description of the first scene, use the show not tell technique to create thoughtful writing. You are writing through the eyes of the boy.                              These are our sentence tools today -
Sentence 1 - If, if, if, then
Sentence 2 - 3_ed
Sentence 3 - 2A
Sentence 4 - Where opener
Sentence 5 - Adverb opener
Sentence 6 - Short sentence
Sentence 7 - Tell: show 3 examples;
Sentence 8 - Short sentences
Here are some examples
 Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 8.53.20 AM.png

Go to this padlet Titanium and start writing your ideas, words feelings adjectives similes and metaphors.

Once this is completed you can publish it on your personal blog.
If  I had stayed home, if  I had not gone to school early, if I hadn’t got bullied, then I wouldn't be terrified  when  the alien’s came to the school. I was scared and  worried .A  teacher was terrified that I had trashed the  school     and a police officer came to the school. Sitting on the ground in the hall I felt angry.I quickly ran out the  door  and  I lost control.  I was terrified.  Controlled by an alien; making poor choices; my mind was confused
I needed to escape……
The police surround  my house   with their guns  I used my  super
powers  to  grab the keys  to unlock   the backdoor  ran out the  backdoor into a dark forest    I  could hear stick  breaking.   The  police  surround  me with their  guns  they point them at my head  and told me to get down to the   ground  I put my hand behind my back to make my superpower work.   When  I get down to the ground  and when I look  like a ball   that when  my superpower

This week my number is

  WALT    I learnt   that  my number is even.


Friday, May 5, 2017


As I was having a cup of coffee  at six o'clock in the  morning .  I could hear  waves  crashing against the  ship.   Then  I could  smell  stinky   clothes of  pirates then I look out the window  and I could see pirates boarding  the   ship.

They  went and looked in the containers  to see what was in them. but there  was nothing.  One of the  pirates went into the captain room and said hand over the keys so I did  then he said do you know  who  I  am?  Then he started  to steer the ship  as the  pirates  were looking in the  containers.

Suddenly some  robots came out. The  pirates  got scared and one  of the robots  tap the pirate on the shoulder  and said hand over the  keys. So he did  then he showed the pirate   what the robots were doing to his crew. They made them sit on their knees and with their hands behind their heads.  They had to do what the robots told them to do.

Then one of the robot  gave the captain the  keys and the hat then the robots waved goodbye  and went back in their   containers

Then the captain let the pirates go and told the l pirates not to do it again.



basket boats

Story Review
WALT: summarise the main ideas of a text.  

Answer all these questions

Title: Basket boats

Author:Jill macgregor

Summary of the story:
How do you make the boat or earth paint?
  • You use bamboo and weave it

Facts: (Write something that you found wow and interesting).

  •   That the boys had to do the job before school

  •  That the boats don’t sink.

Vocabulary (Choose 2 words you didn’t know, google them and write their meanings.
Dusk .darker stage of twilight.
Rim the upper or outer edge of an objec

Friday, April 7, 2017

Tom true heart

One day I was on a mission to save  my six brother and their  princess brides.

It was my job to save them from an mean man  that was trying  to kill them.  I had a magic sword  that   was going to help me  save  them.

if I pointed the sword at people  it will kill them . I went through  a   dark  forest to  get  their .

My sword can help me fly to a dark  castle   where they  were  kept  so I went there  and because I was as small  as a thumb I could  squeeze through a  door without been seen

 When know one was around I would use my sword to make me grow bigger  so I could recuse  my six brother and their princess brides.    They have been   captured because they were trying to steal
His  golden diamond  so he  captured  them.
When I got there  they were  tied  round  a pole .
So I got my  bow n arrow  and shooted    it at   the man  to put him to sleep why I   went  into save them.  I cut the rope  and told them to hop on  my bird .

The man started to wake up   he look around he said  dame they have gone,  in an evil  voice .

So I quietly went around the  back of the castle without him    knowing  so I said quietly to my bird come here  so he did   and we went home  without him  looking at us.

I said’’ to my brother “why   were they   trying to   steal his  golden   diamond?”  My brother said “because   he  stole it from dad.”