Thursday, November 23, 2017

poha to kirihou

This term  we have been learning about  how  food was preseved has changed  since the early days.

I have learnt  that you can make    beeswax wraps

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Newspaper report #1

WALT write a newpaper report.

Newspaper report Crime Scene                                                                            
In Australia 11 of June 2006 there was a body found in a swamp. It  was a man  his name was Noah  and his last name is Smith. It look like he got into a fight with someone. The person pushed him into the  swamp . Maybe  the person was wanting  him  to die. So someone called  the police and they went to his parents house and said “sorry  but  your son is dead.”  So they   planned a funeral at the care home funeral place so his parents phoned all of their family and friend and told them there’s a funeral.

Friday, September 22, 2017

The piano

WALT write a descriptive piece of writing from the old man's point of veiw as ge recalls his memories.

The piano
I am an old man I love to play the piano  when I was playing the piano I started to remember stuff like  when I was in the army and my brother got shot in the arm I had tears ran down my face  .  an like when  it was my 8th birthday  I got an toy horse and gave it to my 5 year old grandson  . Now I  started  to remember some happy we would the play the piano together and when we went to  Bali  and when we were in bali  we went to   a  water park and we went down the big  water slide and when  we stayed at   a nice hotel it was as beautiful as a flower and it was as big as  the sky tower   it was a long  flight  home  me and my wife  sat on the plane for ages   a  few days later  my wife    just fainted in my arms  and so I called the ambulance  and they said that she had an heart attack  and said that  they have some sad news   you might want to sit down  am sorry but she has past away  she died in her sleep  i’m very sorry.  I started to cry I was very sad that she died.   But  you could of did something  so that she could stay alive . It was the next and it was her funeral  and there was a lot of people  and it was my turn to do my speech so I said my speech then I sat down  I had tear ran down my face   I was really  sad . It was the next  day  I  wasn’t  feeling well  so I went to the doctors the said that I have cancer and I have  bowl   so I was going to die soon  I just told them that my wife just die   a few days  ago and they said well that was very sad   they ask how  she  died   I   said that she had of a heart attack   it was the next day I felt  week  and cold    I think it is time for me to die then I just fell   to the  ground   and  there was  a knock at the door   it was my   grandson and my daughter    they said hello but there was no answer so they came in they found me they took me to   the hospital   and said that they found me on the    ground  s they said the doctors  sorry but he has past away .

Te ngahere

WALT  about te ngahere  the rakau the kararehe , the manu and the risks to the forest .

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The 100 word challenge


World Events for your writing
I’m sure you won’t have missed the events in Barcelona, Spain this week or the devastation caused by the mud slide in Sierre Leone and the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. The prompt this week uses the emotions that the media has shown us.

Latest prompt
As I said at the top of this page, the events around the world this week:
… as it came rushing towards us we…
Things to consider:
  • What was IT?
  • Where are you?
  • How do you feel?
  • What sounds can you hear?
The form will close at 23.45 BST on 26th August

I was in   Spain and  the  weather forecast said it was going  to be sunny. But then there was a mud slip ,I don't know how it happened .  It was coming   down fast,  it was as fast as a  cheetah  .   As it came rushing towards us the mud was as  runny as soup .   Some people  tried   to run away but the mud slip caught up to them .It washed all of the city away  and the people were  trying   to find their loved ones  but they  couldn't   find them.  They  found some dead bodies ,there could be more dead people .

Friday, August 18, 2017

The magician

T3 Week 4: The Magician
You will be working in a Tuakana/Tēina pair for this writing task and you will be working collaboratively to create an exciting piece of writing
Before you start: Make a copy of the file and save it in your tuhituhi folder. Name it “W4 The Magician” (then your initials)   
Here is the link to the padlet: The Magician - PadletThe Magician.png

Before you start think about these questions:
  • What mood do you think the magician is in?
  • Do you think he is a good or evil character?
  • If you could have magical powers, what would you choose to be able to do?
  • What do the words at the top of the picture say?
  • Who lives inside the house?

Key tasks:
  • You need to set the scene, what does it look, feel, smell like?
  • Describe the characters, who are they? Why are they there?
  • What is the action that is taking place in your writing?
  • At least 4 sentences must contain a “relative clause”.
  • Use the show not tell technique to create thoughtful writing.
  • Create suspense and tension as the magician carries out his plans.  
What does a relative clause do?
  1. It splits the main clause.
  2. The clause begins with ‘who’, ‘which’ or ‘with’.
  3. It must supply an extra bit of information to the sentence.
  4. Commas should surround the clause.
E.g. The magician, who had incredible powers, strode confidently across the marble floor.
WALT: To include relative clauses in my writing.

I will know I have done this when I have:
  • Used who, which or with in my writing
  • Used commas to separate my clause

Once this is completed you can publish it on your personal blog.

The magician

Hello my name is the magician. I do magic across the county. I have a good of magic show. I am a magician with an evil laugh  I am as wicked as a witch.

I am going to a magic competitions. It is  windy as a storm. I wear my best top hat my best coat and my best white t-shirt.  There were things floating in the air so that’s how I it was the competitions.After I was in the building. I sweat magic gorily because I was in the most popular competitions places you can do magic.

I was a bit scared of losing  because that would make my collection of  medals and I will have less of metals  

I have won every magic show I have been too.I have been to the fabulous magic show and the competition.

It was the big day it was the competition and many more.But this one was the weirdest one I have been to.

There was a pram in the air, a umbrella in the air, and much more in the air than you could imagine. I was just in time for my turn on the stage so I was nervous and stressed.I said to myself “I can do this and I won't give up”.

I was stressed and happy. The crowd was cheering for us “hip hip hura”. I was next on stage I was a bit nervous and happy the the person how call your name to go on stage he called my name. I felt like running but I said no to myself “no”.

What a great show I came first place. I was really excited that I  came first place because I  have never got 2nd place of 3rd place . It was the most beautiful thing ever because it was the most popular magic place ever.