Friday, April 7, 2017

Tom true heart

One day I was on a mission to save  my six brother and their  princess brides.

It was my job to save them from an mean man  that was trying  to kill them.  I had a magic sword  that   was going to help me  save  them.

if I pointed the sword at people  it will kill them . I went through  a   dark  forest to  get  their .

My sword can help me fly to a dark  castle   where they  were  kept  so I went there  and because I was as small  as a thumb I could  squeeze through a  door without been seen

 When know one was around I would use my sword to make me grow bigger  so I could recuse  my six brother and their princess brides.    They have been   captured because they were trying to steal
His  golden diamond  so he  captured  them.
When I got there  they were  tied  round  a pole .
So I got my  bow n arrow  and shooted    it at   the man  to put him to sleep why I   went  into save them.  I cut the rope  and told them to hop on  my bird .

The man started to wake up   he look around he said  dame they have gone,  in an evil  voice .

So I quietly went around the  back of the castle without him    knowing  so I said quietly to my bird come here  so he did   and we went home  without him  looking at us.

I said’’ to my brother “why   were they   trying to   steal his  golden   diamond?”  My brother said “because   he  stole it from dad.”