Friday, May 5, 2017


As I was having a cup of coffee  at six o'clock in the  morning .  I could hear  waves  crashing against the  ship.   Then  I could  smell  stinky   clothes of  pirates then I look out the window  and I could see pirates boarding  the   ship.

They  went and looked in the containers  to see what was in them. but there  was nothing.  One of the  pirates went into the captain room and said hand over the keys so I did  then he said do you know  who  I  am?  Then he started  to steer the ship  as the  pirates  were looking in the  containers.

Suddenly some  robots came out. The  pirates  got scared and one  of the robots  tap the pirate on the shoulder  and said hand over the  keys. So he did  then he showed the pirate   what the robots were doing to his crew. They made them sit on their knees and with their hands behind their heads.  They had to do what the robots told them to do.

Then one of the robot  gave the captain the  keys and the hat then the robots waved goodbye  and went back in their   containers

Then the captain let the pirates go and told the l pirates not to do it again.



basket boats

Story Review
WALT: summarise the main ideas of a text.  

Answer all these questions

Title: Basket boats

Author:Jill macgregor

Summary of the story:
How do you make the boat or earth paint?
  • You use bamboo and weave it

Facts: (Write something that you found wow and interesting).

  •   That the boys had to do the job before school

  •  That the boats don’t sink.

Vocabulary (Choose 2 words you didn’t know, google them and write their meanings.
Dusk .darker stage of twilight.
Rim the upper or outer edge of an objec