Friday, August 11, 2017

whale fantasia


As I   swam out  to  cold icy water with my friends we swam around and had a look around the blue ocean . The  water was as bubbly as hot boiling water .

We got to a dark place it was as dark as  night time,   we saw a big   whale. The skin was as rough as concrete. We started to  swim around with the whale. The whale was as big as a giant.
 We saw a lot of fish,  some were small  and some were big.   The whale   started to do tricks  it was amazing    what the whale could do.   It  jumped up out of the water then  it  came back in the water.
Me and my friends    joined in and  started to do some tricks with him.

The splash was as loud  as an   elephant  walking  .

We started to swim some more  and  we saw a big shark  the  shark was as big as a  truck  .

We  swam as fast as we could because we were terrified  of the shark.   We  quickly swam into a   cave   the cave was as  dark as a black cat.

All of  that swimming made  me tired and hungry  so I went home and had some food and then went to bed.

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